Soulja Boy Keeps It Coming.

Soulja Boy is fresh off a win at the BET Social Awards for the Social Verified award. The rapper's win was long-deserved as he's undoubtedly been one of the biggest influences in the social media era of hip-hop. Since his emergence, he's used platforms like YouTube and Soundcloud to his advantage. He's been flooding the market, even when he wasn't at the forefront of the rap game over the past few years. A week ago, he released a remix to "HML" with Tory Lanes. Now, he returns with his new single, "10 Speed."

Soulja Boy is back with his new collaboration with Rarri titled, "10 Speed." The two rappers hop on an eerie beat while delivering a braggadocious trap banger. 

Soulja Boy is currently gearing up for the release of his forthcoming album, How Can You Blame Me?which is due out in July.

Quotable Lyrics
AR-15 with a hunnid shots
Stand in the kitchen, I'm whippin', I beat up the pot
Whippin' it up, servin' good crack rock
Whippin' good dope, can't stop, won't stop


I'll hook you up...

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